Leaders and rulers of countries have always sent secret messages, messages that could cross great distances without revealing their information. The more valuable the information, the more important it was to hide it from enemies! If you have no enemies, do you think you can write messages that can only be read by your best friends? Or by your family? In this activity, you will learn to code messages, decipher them and build your own secret code. Are you ready to go?

What you will learn
Understand what cryptography is, and what it consists of;
Develop the ability of logical reasoning;
Encode messages using a code;
Decode messages from a code;
Evaluate information, critically and autonomously, transforming it into knowledge;
Develop the ability to solve problems by creating original and creative solutions;
Know how to make simple changes to content already produced;
Use, control, evaluate and understand the information provided;
Develop the ability to concentrate and analyse;
Focus on objectives and results.

General recommendations
Duration (in minutes): 45- 55 minutes
Recommended age: 6 – 9 years
Level: Beginner

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